Script that makes AWS Assume Role feel good ( AWS)

Do you have an Assume Role?
If YES and If you use AWS-related CLI tools in the switch roll destination environment, you will usually need to use the Assume Role.
I wrote a script about how to ease the task of assuming a role programmatically because it is even tedious to do that .

About scripts

The introduction has become long, but I will go into the main subject.
I would like to implement it and then post the operation image.


First, prepare before writing the script.
Have fzf and Grep handy.

Regarding fzf, the installation method on various OS is described in the README.

$ brew install fzf

Script placement

Place the script below wherever you like.
If you need MFA of the script when deploying, change MFA Serial on the 3rd line to each value.
If you don’t need aws sts assume-role it, delete it and change the argument.

In addition, the fourth line SOURCE_PROFILE please write a profile of the AWS account that runs the Assume Role in.


DATE=`date +%s`

PROFILE=`grep -oP '\[profile *\K\w+' ~/.aws/config  | fzf`

if [ "$PROFILE" = "" ]; then
  return 1

ROLE_ARN=`aws configure get role_arn --profile $PROFILE`

read -sp "Input MFA Code: " TOKEN_CODE

OUTPUT=`aws sts assume-role \
  --role-arn          ${ROLE_ARN} \
  --serial-number     ${SERIAL_NUMBER} \
  --role-session-name ${DATE}-session \
  --profile           ${SOURCE_PROFILE} \
  --duration-second   3600 \
  --token-code        ${TOKEN_CODE}
export AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID=`echo $OUTPUT | jq -r .Credentials.AccessKeyId`
export AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY=`echo $OUTPUT | jq -r .Credentials.SecretAccessKey`
export AWS_SESSION_TOKEN=`echo $OUTPUT | jq -r .Credentials.SessionToken`

echo ""

Alias ​​setting

Set an alias for the script you just installed.
You can’t pass shell variables to the parent process if you just run the shell script.
So let’s use the source command to bridge shell variables nicely.

I’m using bash, so .bash_profile I’ll set an alias like this:


alias assume='. /path/to/_assumer'

Operation image

Sorry for the image but it works like this.
assumeIf you type, fzf will do a fuzzy search.


Then select the profile you want to use and the AWS CLI will call the Assume Role.
Insert a 6-digit token.


If it succeeds, it will end without displaying anything, so type any command you like.

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