Aws lambda list-functions Unknown output type:

Done : contains script and iam type for your lambda

terraform plan to show the changes

terraform apply to apply the plan

aws lambda list-functions  : to verify if lambda is created or not

console shows : Unknown output type:


After creating your terraform script to deploy a lambda

when you configure your aws cli with your information for the firstime  :

aws_access_key_id = xxxx
aws_secret_access_key = xxx
region = eu-central-1

output = if you clicked just enter here or made any unknown output type


go to  C:\Users\%%\.aws\config

change output = anything  to  output =json or xml

other information u can save ur

aws_access_key_id = xxxx
aws_secret_access_key = xxx

in credentieals file under /  or in Environment_Variable , or insert them every time before request


i use  Git Bash to run scripts / terraform (functions) / aws (fucntions)

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